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Yoga Prehab/Posthab Immersion: Injury Prevention and Recovery (10 hours)

IN-PERSON ONLY at YogaSource Los Gatos


One of yoga’s greatest paradoxes is that some students come to class to alleviate the same musculoskeletal conditions that yoga might exacerbate in another student.


The same pose can have a protective or therapeutic effect in some while aggravating symptoms in another. In this immersion, you’ll unpack the definition of injury, learn about soft tissue capacity, and examine recent advances in pain science so you are empowered to teach group classes to a diverse population.


Following an extensive and thorough lecture, the asana intensive will immediately apply those principles in real bodies in real time. Through masterful prop arrangement in both active and restorative poses, you will learn to address common musculoskeletal aches and pains to keep your students safe and excited to practice yoga.


You will learn to:

  • See individual variations as an opportunity, not a complication

  • Customize cues to promote adaptation and change

  • Utilize empowering language to incite confidence in your students

  • Expand your understanding of common “complaints” (shoulder and hip issues, back pain, tendinopathies, hypermobility, etc.)

  • Sequence to support the injury prevention/recovery continuum


This training is eligible for credit under our 300/500 Advanced program.

A one-time enrollment fee of $195 gets you in so you can begin accruing hours towards your Advanced Certification.

Enroll here and learn more here.


Sat 12pm-6pm

Sun 11am-5pm

There will be a daily 1 hour break


Investment: $399 until Sept 1; $450 thereafter



Jules Mitchell leads advanced continuing education programs in biomechanics for intellectually fearless yoga teachers. She helps them integrate principles of exercise science and applications of pain science into their classes.


Jules is the author of Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined, a unique, evidence-based exploration into the complexities of tissue mechanics and the human body’s resilience and adaptability. She leads workshops and courses online and worldwide, runs a popular 300 hour yoga teacher training, frequently serves as guest faculty, and hosts a comprehensive mentoring program to support teachers in both education and business.


Her passion is bringing the most useful and applicable research-based concepts into the yoga community, even when it invokes a discerning analysis of popular opinions. Jules lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her two cats Pitbull and Deadmau5. Visit her at

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