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Thank you so much for becoming a member!

Changes to memberships require a minimum of 10 days notice prior to your individual billing date.

For your monthly billing date, please refer to your credit card statement or log into our mobile app.

For a list of Membership FAQs,
click here.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please email

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What would you like to do?


Suspend at any time for 1 - 3 billing cycles per year and keep your current rate when you unsuspend.

A fee of $19/month applies.


You can cancel your contract after 6 full billing cycles. Come back anytime at the published rates of that day.

For current published rates, click here.


You can upgrade at any time!


Your current allotment of classes remains until your new membership starts.


You can only downgrade your contract after 6 full billing cycles and only at published rates.

If eligible, your current allotment of classes will remain until your next billing date.

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