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We encourage you to try as many classes as you can with our Intro Special 🥳


Be sure to check out all the class descriptions so you can make a smart decision about what classes to start with. 🤔 If you're new to yoga, try a Gentle class and if you crave more intensity, take a Vinyasa or YogaSource Flow. If you are ok with heat, try Hot 26 or Hot Pilates 🔥. If you just want to chill ❄️, come to Yin or Restorative. 

When you're ready for more, come to Power, Strong, or Hot Pilates with weights, but don't say we didn't warn you 🥵😋.


Don't hesitate to ask other students questions before or after class - our people love to help. If you still need assistance, please contact us and we will get right back to you.


Online Pre-registration is REQUIRED 🤳
You can always use the schedule pages from the menu. Our mobile app allows you to purchase classes and pre-register, manage your account, and see teacher substitutions and holiday schedules. You can make purchases, see all of your transactions, print receipts, check your class attendance and change any account information securely and on the go. If you've already been to class, the system will recognize you when you use the exact name and email address you gave when you signed up for your first class. If you're new, you can get our 3 weeks Intro Offer, which can only be bought once, so definitely take advantage of it 🥳

Parental Consent 👨‍👧
Students must be over the age of 12 in order to practice in our group classes. If you are between 12 and 17 years old, please have a parent or adult guardian accompany you to your first class so that they can sign your waiver and give consent for you to join the classes.


What to Bring 👜
We rent premium yoga mats (the kind that get stickier the more you sweat) and cycle shoes. Organic skincare is provided in our well-appointed shower rooms. We also sell water, mats, yoga towels and the best yoga clothing in the world, as well as after-yoga outfits to change into, if you forget yours. This means you can come to us in the most disheveled and unprepared state, and we will return you to the world serene, happy and ready for anything. Or you can bring all these things yourself. Either way, you will need them.

Water Accounts 🥤

There is a $20 min for credit card charges, so you may use cash or place $20 at a time on your "water account" that you may use for water, towels or a mat whenever you visit the studio.


Please Be on Time 🙏
Please allow yourself plenty of time to get here. Being late once happens to everyone, but if you are always late, you'll just get a bad rep. 


Parking 🏎
During peak time, please allow an extra 5-8 minutes to find parking. Please park in the underground garage, or in select spots in upstairs lot after 5:30pm or on weekends. If these lots are full please find parking on the street. Please do not park in any spot that says "No YogaSource parking".  If you disregard the signage, they’ll have every right to tow your car. Thank you so much for taking this to heart and helping us be good neighbors!

Scan Your Barcode 🔑
Your barcode speeds you through the class check in process and secures your account. You can get one for your keychain, or use the barcode in our App. Please tell the front desk which class you are attending before scanning. Wait until it beeps and they confirm you're set, and which room your class will be in.

Please use the locker rooms to change, not the restrooms, or the boutique changing room.

Storage 👠
We offer cubbies and shelving for you to leave belongings. We have several security cameras for your protection, however we recommend not leaving your wallet or anything of irreplaceable value to you in these cubbies or on the shelves. NO shoes or phones will be allowed in the practice space.

Hang out 😻
We pride ourselves to be one of the few places in Silicon Valley where complete strangers talk to each other. Make friends or chill on the couches.

Entering the Yoga Space 🧘🏼‍♂️
Please remove your shoes and only take in what is absolutely necessary. During peak times, our classes are 15 minutes apart to get you out faster. Please be patient and quietly wait outside as our professional cleaners prepare the room for you.


  • Grab all the props you may need before class starts. 

  • Be aware of students coming in after you who need a spot and be prepared to shift your mat a little bit to make the space more balanced for everybody. For peak classes, we may need to form an extra row. Stagger wisely, aware of how it affects everyone behind, in front, and to the side of you.

  • Turn your phone off and decide that whatever happens during class, you will deal with once it is over. 

  • Stay with the poses being offered by the instructor, modify them if needed, and keep the practice healthy for your body. Simplify when you feel overwhelmed, and try a variation if you are feeling curious. 

  • Please clean up the floor around your mat before leaving and put all your props away.

  • If you must leave early, please tell your teacher just as a courtesy, set up by the doors, and sneak out quietly.

  • All classes (except for Hot 26) end together with a Savasana (final resting pose), usually guided by the instructor. Please do not leave during this time. Nothing upsets your teachers more. 😭


Ask your teacher 🧖‍♀️
All our teachers love to help out. Anything bug you, not sure if you're doing a transition right, want to learn how to take a pose further... go up to your teacher after class and ask.

Shower Policy 🛁
Showers close 30 minutes after the last class so that our front desk people can go home to their family. Please respect other students' time by limiting your showers to 5 minutes.

Hydrate! 🚰
Replenish water and electrolytes!


Do Not Be a Stinky Yogi 🥴
Please do not forget your sweaty clothes in a plastic bag in the back of your car for days and days. No matter what fabric technology, you must hang or lay them flat to dry (serious yogis leave their car trunks empty for that purpose) or wash them immediately. If you notice a smell even after washing them, leave them in the sun for a day as that may help get rid of it.


Lost and Found 🧐
Please come in and inquire about lost items as soon as you notice you are missing something. The lost and found gets donated every week!

Library - 589 of 998.jpeg

Tips from the OGs

"No beginners in Power! Try YS Flow and Vinyasa first and once you have the technique down, go to Power. YogaSource has the best classes in the Bay Area!"


"Be patient and wait outside as the cleaners prepare the room for you." 

"Front row is the warmest spot in the room, by the doors and windows is the coolest."

[Before our energetic flow classes]... "students tend to chat. If you want to lie peacefully, no one will bug you or you can join the conversation and make friends."

"If people are quiet in the practice space, please respect the meditative environment."

"Prepare to sweat! If your mat is slippery, invest in a mat towel or you'll be sliding and you won't enjoy the class."

"If balancing is a challenge, find a wall for support."

"Give HOT 26 (or Hot Pilates) at least 5 classes - the heat will become easier and easier and heat therapy is so good for you! Bring a frozen bottle of water to help you cool down your core temp."


Privates 💪
Private sessions are an invaluable way to learn how you should approach each pose best suited for your body. Whether you are healing an injury, a beginner wanting to learn more, or an advanced practitioner, you will dramatically improve your alignment and awareness, bringing greater strength, flexibility and well being to your practice. Please call the front desk to schedule.


Workshops 🤓
We bring in well-known and highly respected presenters from around the world as well as from right here in our own backyard to focus on specific aspects of the practice. These workshops are an additional fee and are not included in the regular group class packages or memberships. 


Bodywork 💆‍♀️
We are serious about taking care of your body and while we do not offer massage we know some very special people in the community who do. Please ask the front desk if you are looking for a massage, myofascial or physical therapist.

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