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Take your practice to the next level 💪 , learn how to heal an injury 🤕, deepen your meditation practice 📿, build a solid foundation before joining our group classes 😍, offer an offsite to your team 😎, or celebrate an event with your friends 🥳. 

Book your private at either of our studios, online, or in the comfort of your home. There is no additional charge if you are within 5 miles of our studios.

You can invite your friends to share the cost if you wish. You can also book a weekly slot and cancel at no charge when you're away.

Individual - $145

Two people - $155

Three people - $165

Four people - $175

Group of 5-9ppl - $200

Group of 10-14ppl - $250

Group of 15-19ppl - $300

Group of 20-24ppl - $350

Group of 25-29ppl - $400

Group of 30-34ppl - $450

Group of 35-39ppl - $500

per 55 minute class

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