Membership Email Contact

If you have any questions or concerns about your membership please send an email to:

Any requests to change your membership must be submitted via email or US mail at least 10 days prior to the next billing cycle.


Monthly Membership Policy


Thank you for becoming a member of our studio! You should have received a YogaSource key chain tag. You will need it to scan yourself in every time you come to class. Please refer to your confirmation email to become acquainted with our membership policy. Below are some sample FAQs.


Can I use my package at your other location?

You can use any membership and class pack at both Los Gatos and Morgan Hill studios but not YogaSource Palo Alto.

I started my membership on the 9th. Is that the day I will be billed each month?

If you purchased your membership on the 9th, then yes, your bill date will be the 9th going forward.  

Can I share my membership with someone else?

No, your membership is non-transferable and you alone can use your membership, however we have discounted couple and family memberships if you live in same household. Ask us.

I am taking more classes than I thought. How do I upgrade my memebrship?

Awesome! Just email us.

Will my membership automatically cancel after 6 months?

No, If you wish to cancel your membership we require that you send us a written confirmation via email or US mail at least 10 days prior to the next billing cycle. You may email us at

I am going to Hawaii for 3 weeks. Can I freeze my membership?

Freezing memberships is not common practice with yoga studios so our software is not set up to accommodate for this policy, which is why we've encountered numerous problems in the past with this procedure. We still want to give you this option so we will continue to offer it, however, freezes can only be processed for whole months at a time, at the $9 fee per month. This means your membership will skip anywhere from one to 3 billing periods but your billing date will remain the 1st of every month. As in the past, you can freeze a membership for up to 3 months per year. If you want to come to class while your membership is still frozen, you will be charged the drop in rate. You may Freeze your membership if you provide 1 months notice.

Can I supplement a membership with a class card?

This is not available, again, for the same reason. Any classes over 9 or 13 a month will be charged the drop in rate.

I was in Hawaii for the last 3 weeks you haven't seen me. Can I retroactively freeze my membership?


I signed up for the 13x a month and have been on it for 3 months but I want to come more. Can I switch to the Unlimited?

Yes, you can upgrade anytime. Just mail us at

I signed up for the 13x a month and have been on it for 3 months but I want to come 9x a month. Can I switch to the 9x a month?

You can make any changes to your membership once your first 6 months are up, but not before. Please email us at