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YogaSource Los Gatos + Stanford CSCP Movement & Meditation Program

We are honored to collaborate with The Stanford Cancer Supportive Care Program (CSCP) to offer complimentary classes to anyone with cancer and their caregivers.


Our Mission

We want patients to feel safe, cared for, and confident that we are here for them no matter what they may need. The Cancer Supportive Care Program follows the Stanford Hospital standard of providing not only state-of-the-art medical care, but also the highest quality of patient care, and that means healing the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Our mission is to complement cancer therapy by integrating all aspects of healing: strengthening the body, educating the mind, and nurturing hope and courage while remaining accessible to patients regardless of economic level.

We provide education, information and emotional support during the difficult decision-making period and throughout the treatment process and survivorship: One Patient at a Time.

YogaSource Los Gatos + CSCP

The YogaSource Cancer Care Movement & Meditation Program began in January of 2014. All classes are taught by our specially trained yoga, pilates and movement teachers. Classes are offered complimentary to all cancer patients, survivors, their families, and support. It is our sincere wish to provide a warm and safe environment for patients to enjoy, find community, and receive support to ease the side effects of cancer and its treatment, and to improve the quality of their lives. Classes and events are open to anyone with cancer and their caregivers, regardless of where they receive care ~ free of charge. One Patient at a Time.


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