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Maybe you got in the shape of your life during the lockdown. If so, we are v happy for you. 😋

For the rest of us, here's the plan: we are going to use the time between now and our Tulum retreat to build back consistency and gradually, intelligently, sustainably restore our bodies and minds into the miracles of performance and health they are meant to be. 💪🧠👑

Then we'll go to Tulum May 25th, take 3 classes a day for a week, delete Zoom, heal our souls in the warm ocean, and celebrate life. 🏝✨

We'll come back tanned, happy, and ready for summer. 🤗

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Commit to the challenge by March 25

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Put down deposit for retreat in Tulum May 25-31 HERE



Take 50 classes (online or IRL) in the 60 days to May 25

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Reclaim your sanity, get fit af, & earn $100 off retreat balance

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Do I have to sign up for Tulum in order to join the challenge?

Absolutely not. Join the revolution and benefit from the accountability and the pleasure of doing something together again. And if you end up changing your mind and signing up for Tulum last minute, we'll still take you and give you the discount. 


So why should I sign up for Tulum?

The moment you put a deposit down, you'll be invited to join our WhatsApp group where we will pump each other up and get ready for paradise together. Do not underestimate the power of having something to look forward to, especially when you're doing hard things.


What classes are eligible?

Any of our IRL classes in Los Gatos or Morgan Hill, any of our streamed classes or on-demand replays. We have all your records so no need to do anything extra after you enroll in the challenge.


Do my other workouts count?

No, we have no way of keeping track of those.


Sounds good but I have questions.

We have answers. Email us at

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